This week silicon valley produced the biggest deal since months. Facebook bought WhatsApp for 19 Billion US Dollar. Because it’s more difficult to buy things using stocks, let’s only talk about the 4 Billion cash. Four Billion - $4,000,000,000. Can you imagine how much money that is? Me either, so have a look at some examples. What can you do with 4 Billion USD?

Why Objectivity is Bullshit

Selecting a hostel, accepting a date request, bying the next car, choosing what to eat, donating to a hospital for children in Mali, sleeping longer on Sundays - all this decisions we make are based on what we expect to achieve and which personal these achievements have. Unfortunately we’re not able to know the future, so we need to guess the value of the things we get.

Casual Entertainment

I grew up when music was already digital. The first form of music I really used was packed in the form of CDs. But to be honest, I’ve never bought a CD. I just found it to expensive, so I’ve got copies from friends and family members. CDs required you to prepare your playlists wisely, because getting them required time and money and they only were able to keep around 20 songs.