A Place without Time

A Place Without Time

Time – the only thing we constantly pay but that cannot be charged, grown, created or constructed. It is our most important resource and because it is so important, we try to use it as efficient as possible. We are running from one place to another, hunting for the newest the hippest things, eating faster than fast, messaging in snaps of second, living never ever alone, sleeping short and clean and missing nothing . . . but missing everything.

Datafun: Flatmate Casting


Casting number 7, I’m getting old here. My flat needed a new member again so we’ve written some text, collected some detail, prepared some pictures and uploaded a nice advertisement to www.wg-gesucht.de. Like every year, they spammed my inbox, but this year, it was worse. So many homeless students. After 15 days, when the ad was on the bottom of the list, I received 98 application emails. Here is a quick analysis of them.

Datafun: Drugs


A binary table showing which of 24094 drugs (rows) containing which of the 4139 possible substances (columns). The color shows intensity when blurring vertically. Most common substances are marked.

Passion-free Education

It starts when you go to school and you realize, that there are some teachers who can to teach you something, and other who fail; that there are kids who like biology, mathematics, and languages, and that there are others who don’t. And that these love or hate relationship to a subject can be measured by grades, or that this is at least what they’re telling you. You slowly get the idea that instead of helping you to create your own ideas, your individual style and an inner drive, they just rate you according to your ability to produce a plain copy of their visions.


During the restyle of brain4D I tried to style the UI more intuitive. One of the main points was to clarify which parts are active and which are not. The main approach is the variance of colors, so that the contrast of outer background, border, inner background and text is high or low.