(Re-)Writing Digital Library Software


During the last summer, I was working for the Invenio team. Now, after some months of pause I think I am able to talk about this piece of software with a certain amount of distance. To get to the point: I would rewrite it, and here is why and how.

Interrail 2015 Part 3

This is the third part of the Interrail post series. The two previous parts (1, 2) where about Italy and the coast of Slovenia.

Interrail 2015 Part 1

It was summer and because of the remaining days off which I got granted during my internship at CERN, it was time for vacations. 2 weeks. Time, which I definitely did not want to spend at one single place. So, a road trip? Mmh, without a proper car, properly not the best idea. Bus traveling? I had this one in South America and it takes too much time for only 2 weeks. So train? If so, how far? Good that there are global passes offered by Interrail (non-EU citizens may refer to Eurail). You get the freedom to use your pass multiple times. We (my travel mate Sabrina and I) chose the 5 times in 10 days pass which is enough for 2 weeks.