Democracy will fail


Democracy --- the great promise of freedom, sanity and happiness that westerns leaders made. It is the way we organize states, federations, unions, communities, forums, families, universities and nearly every organization where humans need to come along. We assume that it is the status quo of living together. The problem is, it is --- at least in its current form --- doomed to fail, and I will explain you why I think so.

My Year in Spacetime


Nearly every service, app, website or provider we use records a bunch of data about us, for good and bad reasons. Not all of them enable you to use that data, but some of them make it pretty easy. This is my attempt to get an entertaining (and not to serious) picture of my motion profile that Google recorded for 2016.

The Wonderful World of E-Mail


Setting up your own email server sounds like a good idea when you are into privacy or when your boss asks you to do so. What sounds like an easy afternoon project quickly turns into a mess, even when you only have very few (or only one) mail account to manage. After trial-and-erroring for a long time, I want to give an overview over all involved technologies and possible stumbling blocks. This is not intended to be a tutorial, for various reason. a) your setup might be totally different and b) most server setup guides make admins copying around config files they do not really understand. This post is also somewhat written in a way that you can pick and read only parts of it in an order you like. Furthermore, I assume that you are familiar with basic technical terms. And finally, a small note on wording: I use Transport Layer Security (TLS) instead of the outdated Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) abbreviation, with the exception when it is part of other names or configuration variables.

(Re-)Writing Digital Library Software


During the last summer, I was working for the Invenio team. Now, after some months of pause I think I am able to talk about this piece of software with a certain amount of distance. To get to the point: I would rewrite it, and here is why and how.