Linux On Desktop In 2023


I am using Linux in the form of various distributions for probably over 15 years now. After 8 years with my trusted Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon, it was time for a hardware refresh. I got a framework which turned out pretty nice. I take this opportunity to also reflect on the current state of Linux on “Desktops”.

Typographic Redesign


It all started with a recommendation of a friend, that was to never read The Elements of Typographic Style shortly before you have to finish something. Since then I have finished many things so it was time for insightful procrastination. I read the book and now I cannot unsee it. Bad typography – everywhere, but especially in tech. So I had to redesign this blog. After consulting The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web which was partially helpful, I spend hours if not days on it. And here it is: the grand redesign.

Building a Fermentation Chamber

chamber outside view

Fermentation is a wonderful hobby and can make your cooking experience way more interesting. Breading the right fungi and bacteria can require a certain control over the environment though. Especially temperature and humidity can be tricky to get right and a Fermentation Chamber can help here.