Typographic Redesign


It all started with a recommendation of a friend, that was to never read The Elements of Typographic Style shortly before you have to finish something. Since then I have finished many things so it was time for insightful procrastination. I read the book and now I cannot unsee it. Bad typography – everywhere, but especially in tech. So I had to redesign this blog. After consulting The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web which was partially helpful, I spend hours if not days on it. And here it is: the grand redesign.

Building a Fermentation Chamber

chamber outside view

Fermentation is a wonderful hobby and can make your cooking experience way more interesting. Breading the right fungi and bacteria can require a certain control over the environment though. Especially temperature and humidity can be tricky to get right and a Fermentation Chamber can help here.



Some months ago, I got an email from my server provider Hetzner, telling me that I have to migrate my server to a new system. When I started with this entire server hosting as a student, I had loads of time and interest in these things, but nowadays, I just want something that is working. I do not want to care about exploding mail standards, Debian upgrades, server migrations, ever evolving security rules, backups and so on. So I took this opportunity to shut down my main server entirely and move to some proper cloud services. This posts illustrates the choices and the pros and cons compared to my old, self-hosted solution.